Welcome To Tapettikauppa

Tapettikauppa.net is helpful good quality wallpapers online webstore. We want to provide an alternative to high-quality and sustainable wallmaterial, which is much more than just the wallpaper. Quality of designers collections provide new ideas home decors than the professionals – the wallpaper is an important element in interior decoration.

Need any interior help at your home or company?

DonĀ“t worry, we bring you the wallpaper books and color charts, so you can explore our products better in the right environment. Please, send us the message to info (at) tapettikauppa.net, and we tell you more.

Order a free wallpaper sample

Tapettikauppa.net offers customers the opportunity to inspect products before ordering. We will send you a samples of this online store the wallpaper completely free of charge; just send your contact information and the desired wallpaper design to e-mail info(at)tapettikauppa.net.

The samples range in size from 10×15 cm up to A4 -size model. We will send you up 2 pcs/person/household. We provide a model piece of orders by mail. We reserve the rights to all of the wallpaper samples availability.

If you want to order a sample for more than two pieces then we will charge 1 euro per  sample plus shipping and material costs 2 euros/delivery. But when you order wallpapers from us, we will be credited sample cost from to the final amount. We reserve the rights to all of the wallpaper samples availability. Please, notice that we can delivery for Finland. If you want to order samples to other countries, we  will charge post cost as they cost in customers country.

Wallpaper on your mind, but you can not find it?

Our range is constantly expanding and we want to serve the customers in the best possible ways. If you have specially wallpaper on your mind that you can not be found on our website – like nursery wallpaper, floral wallpapers, etc. please contact us at info(at )tapettikauppa.net.


Partners/representation – are you interested in providing your customers with high-quality wallpapers in your interior design office or construction company? please contact info(at)tapettikauppa.net, and we are glad to tell you more.

Services for customers

Interior Designers, through us are also asked about the interior design services. If you are a professional or due to be completed, please contact us at info(at)tapettikauppa.net.

Acoustic panels – we also have an acoustic panel for different spaces and rooms.

Acoustical panels are the perfect solution for many reverberant noise problems, and panels also look good in your home – you can make your own interior with panels to creating your own walls – Panels are also eco-friendly, example Konto acoustic panels has made from swamp turf.