Equal Or Shift Alignment And Other Considerations

The leak went awry

Paper-based wallpaper breaks easily, so you shouldn’t try to flip it straight. Peel off the wallpaper and start over. If necessary, you can set the fiber wallpaper in a new position on the wall as well.

Even or shift alignment

The hairs of the alignment wallpaper are always cut from the same pattern point and fixed to the wall by always aligning the pattern with the previous pattern.

In the alignment wallpaper, the hides are cut so that every other year is always the same. The first leak is spread on the table, the roll is placed side by side, and the point where the pattern is applied is sought, after which the leak of the correct length is cut. It is good to number the years as the first and second years. According to the models, the required number of years is cut off. Remember the correct mounting order!

Wallpaper markings

Do not reverse the direction of the wallpaper when you wallpaper, unless otherwise noted.

Do not rush

It is a good idea to set aside a weekend for wallpapering, and before that do the groundwork carefully.

Do not spare glue, as glue-free areas appear as bubbles on the walls.

With wallpapers, you always get instructions for wallpapering!

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