How much wallpaper is needed?


Measure the perimeter of the room, reduce the proportion of doors and windows. Also measure the height of the room. The most common room height is 2.50-2.65 m.
Divide the perimeter of the room by the width of the wallpaper leak (0.52 m) to get the amount of leak you need. Increase the amount required for window and door covers.

Room circumference is 12 m, room height 2.50 m.

Wallpaper spoon width 0.52 m, roll length 10 m. (Check roll width)

12 is divided by 0.52 = 23 leaks and 10 is divided by 2.50 = 4 leaks / roll

23 divided by 4 = 6 rolls (23 divided by 3 = 8 rolls)

Pattern alignment easily drops the number of hides to three. (calculated in parentheses)

P.S. if the room has a lot of hard-to-measure spaces, then prefer to book one roll extra. In this case, possible wastes caused by the pattern, and a small risk of incorrect cutting or fastening are taken into account.

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