Photo Wallpaper Installation

Before installing
The surface must be clean and level. It is a good idea to paint the wall to be wallpapered with the same shade of paint as the wallpaper will be, this will prevent the white wall from shining from the edges of the wallpaper years, e.g. if the installation happens to miss the seam of the years. Painted surfaces should be roughened with sandpaper and washed with a paint wash. Highly absorbent surfaces should be primed or pre-treated with glue.

Wallpaper installation
Comes with glue for non-woven wallpapers. Apply the adhesive evenly to the wall with a roller, for example. Apply the adhesive only to a width of 1-3 years so that it does not have time to dry too quickly.

Use a vatupass to help get the start off vertically. Remove air bubbles from under the wallpaper with a wallpaper brush or roller. Wipe off any glue that has come to the surface of the wallpaper immediately with a damp sponge or cloth. Do not rub the surface.

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