What Are the Differences Between Paper, Vinyl, And Nonwovens Wallpapers?

Paper wallpaper is attached with glue. After applying the paste, the wallpaper is allowed to cure for a moment horizontally before installation. Installing paper wallpaper requires a little more precision and adherence to the correct wetting time to achieve a good result. Use a paste for paper wallpaper.

Vinyl wallpapers are paper-based and are attached to the wall with glue. The surface of the vinyl wallpaper has a film that makes it a better dirt-repellent and mechanically wear-resistant option. Use a paste for vinyl wallpaper.

NonWoven wallpapers, i.e. fiber wallpapers, are made of polyester cellulose fiber. Fiber wallpapers can be attached by first applying the glue directly to the wall and placing the wallpaper on top of the glue.

Wallpaper installation is quite nice and easy. It does not stretch or store moisture, so it does not need to be hydrogenated. If the leak happens to go skewed right at the beginning, you can set the fiber wallpaper to a new position on the wall as well. Use a nonWowe wallpaper paste

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